Terms of Service

Terms and regulation of the services offered by Gitysoft


These supply conditions govern the contractual relationship that is concluded between Gitysoft s.r.l. Single-member private limited Liability company (hereinafter only Gitysoft) and the Customer for the provision of Hosting services as described below.

1) Domain Transfer Restrictions

A newly registered domain can only be transferred to another registrar after 60 days. For account-to-account transfers, please wait at least 10 days to avoid the risk of your domain or account being suspended.

2) Offer Validity and Account Verification

Offers are valid only for new email accounts. One Gmail account is considered valid for one user only. Always verify your email after creating an account.

3) Verification Requirements

If your domain or account goes under verification, you must provide a valid government ID proof. Always use real details such as name, email, mobile number, and address when creating an account or booking a domain.

4) Domain Spelling

Once a domain is booked, you cannot change its spelling. Choose your domain spelling carefully.

5) Illegal Activities

If your domain is found to be involved in spam, phishing, fake websites, or illegal activities, it can be suspended, held, or terminated without notice.

6) Domain Booking Duration

Domains can be booked for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.

7) DNS Propagation Time

DNS propagation time is 0-48 hours. If your DNS has not propagated after this period, contact our team.

8) EPP/Authentication Code Issues

If you face difficulties obtaining the EPP/Authentication Code for domain transfer, contact our team.

9) Domain Transfer from Another Registrar

Transferring a domain to Gitysoft from another registrar takes 7 days. If you cancel the order within 24 hours, you will get a full refund; otherwise, no refund will be provided.

10) Hosting Plan Purchase

Review all features, specifications, and resources before purchasing any hosting plan. If your hosting plan includes a free domain and you cancel the plan within 7 days, the general price of the domain will be deducted from your refund.

11) Content Violations

If your website hosts fake, spam, or copyrighted content, your hosting account can be suspended without notice, and you will not be eligible for a refund.

12) Backup Responsibility

If your hosting plan does not include the autobackup feature, regularly back up your data to your local PC. In case of a server crash, data recovery is not guaranteed, and we are not responsible for any data loss.

13) Domain Renewal Notifications

You will receive 1-2 emails regarding domain renewal. Ensure you renew your domain on time. If you fail to renew, your domain will enter the redemption period, and you will have to pay the redemption fee to renew it.

14) Digital Service Shipping/Delivery

Our digital services, including domain registrations and hosting plans, are delivered electronically upon confirmation of payment. You will receive access details and instructions via email to the address provided during registration or purchase. Please ensure the accuracy of your email address to receive timely service activation and account setup information.

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