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Gitysoft Technology is a trusted eCommerce Development Company by several international brands. Its services cover developing classy eCommerce apps and websites. It is the one-stop destination to hire eCommerce developers having in-depth domain knowledge.

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Features of Our Ecommerce Website Development Services

DevTechnosys is an experienced Ecommerce Development Company who have helped many brands regarding ecommerce website development Services and mobile applications. Our services cover an extensive range of industry-oriented e-commerce solutions that helps enterprises to excel in their business.

Gitysoft Technology

Advanced Search Options

For an ecommerce app development, it is required to facilitate the user to find out the desired product with ease. Therefore, we specially take care of it. As an amazing eCommerce applications development, we enable users to navigate the products with ease. This also includes an advanced search option. Features like categorized search and filter option make eCommerce solutions better in many ways. In addition to being user-friendly, it is also something customers demand in today’s eCommerce apps.

Multi-Currency & Multilingual Support

Being an ecommerce app development company, we offer our services worldwide. Gitysoft Technology has served several international clients. Plus, our eCommerce solution company support all the major currencies as well as languages from across the globe. So, users from different localities, dialects and linguistic backgrounds will find it quite interesting while using it.

Gitysoft Technology
Gitysoft Technology


Wishlist features are a must for any eCommerce website development. As such, this is also one of the most desired options from the user’s perspective.It facilitates the users to bookmark or save the items for future purchase. This option you can find in all eCommerce Solution for B2B and B2C customers developed by us. It also serves as the best way to retain the relationship with customers.

Customized Solutions

It is our prime expertise to develop customized eCommerce application solutions for clients as per their business requirements. We have a team of experienced ecommerce app development. Our team helps big and small business meet their market needs and improve their operations with our solutions.

Gitysoft Technology
Gitysoft Technology

Multi-Vendor Inclusion

Gitysoft Technology’ ecommerce development services come are feature-rich and meet your business needs. It also includes multi-vendor inclusion to help bring many vendors together. It is one of the best features of our eCommerce solution company. It helps reach businesses reach their business target.


The E-wallet feature provides a better experience to customers as well as sellers. That is why this is always included in our eCommerce website & mobile app development services. In fact, e-wallet provides hassle-free transaction and purchasing for users. On the flip side, sellers get better revenue flow among other benefits.

Gitysoft Technology

Challenges and Opportunities

In 2020, the recorded sales were $4280 billion that is projected to reach $6388 billion in 2024. As the business will increase, the challenges and opportunities will also rise. Therefore an e-commerce application is a great idea to gain an advantage over competition while fulfilling customer demand.

Being A Differentiator

The competition is all-time high and data changes overnight. With eCommerce solutions, you can use the opportunities to take your business to next level.

Gitysoft Technology


Every user wants to personalize the experience so they can use the app with ease. For any ecommerce app, it must facilitate its users in the best way to purchase hassle-free.

Gitysoft Technology


As a leading ecommerce web development company, we ensure the best functionality of ecommerce solution. So, either it is ecommerce website development services or app development, there must be ensured fine working of the application.

Gitysoft Technology

Global Competition

There are several ecommerce applications in the market and competing with each other. So, if the ecommerce application development is not up to the ecommerce industry standards, then survival will be tough.

Gitysoft Technology


For every business, revenue generation is a prime objective, so an ecommerce delivery application is a great tool.

Gitysoft Technology

No Middle Men

One of the core advantages of the ecommerce app solution that there is not any interference of middlemen. Via the help of an app or ecommerce website, the business holders can connect with customers directly.

Gitysoft Technology


Best eCommerce development services based on the latest technology always works great. It remains excellent in all terms, such as serving customers best, revenue generation and overcome the competition.

Gitysoft Technology

Social Networking Promotions

For social networking promotions, ecommerce mobile app development serves best. While promoting the brand and an app via social media channels, the enterprise can target potential customers.

Gitysoft Technology

Case Study

Shoppers Supermarket

Shoppers Supermarket™ is an app that works like a user's own supermarket to purchase any item online. On the other hand, business owners as admin can manage business easily and monitor other tasks that include payment management, business functioning, etc.

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Gitysoft Technology

Cost & Features

E-Commerce Website

Ecommerce websites have totally replaced the traditional shopping experience now; shoppers prefer to purchase items from online shopping sites. If you also want to launch your online shopping portal, this blog might help you to create your own ecommerce website.

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Our Process for Ecommerce Development Services

Gitysoft Technology is a top eCommerce web development company. Thus, we follow a flexible mobile e-commerce app and website development process. This allows us to ensure a great user experience and amazing features.

  • 1

    Application discussion

    Once our in-house experts prepare the blueprint for the ecommerce application, we reach back to the clients to discuss it. Again, this phase helps us to a better understanding of the client's requirement. Once the client approves, then we move to the next phase.

  • 2

    Project Initiation

    After selecting the tech stack, our experts start the development of the e-commerce delivery application. Here, both designers and developers work together to create the best possible eCommerce store.

  • 3

    Project Requirements

    It is the most important and initial step to kick start the project. During this phase, we learn about your requirements. Connect with clients can be made through Skype, chat, e-mail, or phone call, at their convenience. Then, our experts collect the detailed requirements, analyze and prepares a blueprint.

  • 4

    Choosing Technology Stack

    Our e-commerce web app development always includes the latest technologies and trends. For instance AI, blockchain, machine learning, among other things. Setting a standard above the competition while crushing business goals. Therefore, it is prime responsibility to craft the solutions best.

  • 5


    When development is finished, the QA team checks the product for errors and other flaws. After fixing the bugs and other problems, the eCommerce app is again taken through testing process to ensure quality. We also update the app to make it align with the ecommerce industry latest trends.

Our Portfolio

Gitysoft Technology has been delivering market-leading websites and applications in the tech industry for years. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Mobilier Online E-commerce Portal

SomProduct is an e-commerce app, where you can find a variety of furniture styles with free delivery in comfort. Here you can purchase, synchronize the shopping cart and get alerts related to the latest promotions....
Gitysoft Technology

Online Marketplace

Konga is the free shopping app from where you can find a wide range of phones, tablets, games, computers, dresses and beauty products from premium and favorite brands with great offers and deals....
Gitysoft Technology

E-commerce Platform of Designer Exchange

Siopaella is the e-commerce platform of Ireland from where you can buy and sell authenticated designer handbags. It also offers cash upfront for LV Neverfulls, Gucci Marmots, Chanel flaps....
Gitysoft Technology

Furniture E-commerce Portal

TOMDIXON.NET is the place to browse the full Tom Dixon collection which ranging from famous pendant lights and furniture from the latest and newest home accessories. It developed from Magento platform and database stored in MySQL....
Gitysoft Technology

Electronic e-commerce portal

Redsea is an electronic e-commerce platform of Saudi Arabia from where you can get Home Appliances, ACs, Electronics - Top brands White Westinghouse, Bosch, Toshiba, Sharp, Rheem, Samsung and Apple....
Gitysoft Technology

E-commerce Platform for Premium Smartphone Cases & Accessories

Case-Mate is the design leader of stylish premium smartphone cases, watch bands and accessories. Shop everything from Rose Gold to Glitter for iPhone, Samsung, and more. Case-Mate has ensured that every design is built to protect as well as fit...
Gitysoft Technology

Our E-Commerce Solutions

Gitysoft Technology always meet your business needs through our eCommerce web development services. As a top eCommerce website development company, we aim at providing innovative solutions.As a result, we offer end-to-end solutions for eCommerce Solution for B2B and B2C customers.

Web Development

Ecommerce web app development is as per global standards. This helps your business sell online across the international audience.

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Content management

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Promotion and discount code

  • Gitysoft Technology

    An easy-to-use checkout

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Search engine optimized code and layout.

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Reporting tools

  • Gitysoft Technology

    integrated blog

Gitysoft Technology
Gitysoft Technology

CMS Development

For every industry, CMS has its own importance, so with our ecommerce web development services, you can have the best experience.

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Administrative features

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Publishing tools

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Social media integration

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Personalization capabilities

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Email marketing integration

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Reviews and comments

Mobile Application Development

being a responsible online shopping app development company we have comprehensive experience in ecommerce app development. We can deliver iOS, Android, as well as a cross-platform applications. Through our solutions, we help online stores succeed.

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Registration process.

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Support multiple payment options.

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Push notifications.

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Custom branding.

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Social media integration.

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Great user experience.

Gitysoft Technology
Gitysoft Technology

Inventory Management System

This helps stock and order management. These are the key requirement of business, especially the ones in eCommerce industry. In addition, our inventory management services enable you to handle the inventory with ease.

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Barcoding & Tagging

  • Gitysoft Technology


  • Gitysoft Technology


  • Gitysoft Technology


  • Gitysoft Technology

    Security and Backups

  • Gitysoft Technology

    IoT Integration

3rd Party Integration

It is such a great thing that with our e-commerce solutions 3rd Party APIs can be integrated smoothly. It helps more with payment methods.

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Quicker production

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Lower cost

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Improving Customer Experience

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Insight Into Customer Behavior

  • Gitysoft Technology


  • Gitysoft Technology


Gitysoft Technology
Gitysoft Technology

Web & App Design

Designing also ensures the success of any ecommerce app or web and a key element for an excellent user experience.

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Content management capabilities

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Email marketing features

  • Gitysoft Technology

    Email marketing Integration

  • Gitysoft Technology

    articles section

  • Gitysoft Technology

    custom report features

  • Gitysoft Technology

    discount code tools

Gitysoft Technology

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Application Panel

DevTechnosys offers a wide range of ecommerce website development services that adds value to your enterprise.

Gitysoft Technology

Customer Panel

With our app development services, you will find various find industry best features that improve the customer experience.


  • Shopping Cart It is the most prime feature that every ecommerce app has. As a responsible eCommerce app development company, we go out of our way to deliver mobile solutions that are interesting. Thus, our solutions make it easier for businesses to sell online.
  • Advanced Search Our ecommerce solutions offer advanced search options that can be used by any user with ease. First, it helps them to find the product which they are searching by using a single keyword only. Then, via advanced filters, they can navigate themselves to the desired product page.
  • Social Integration With the help of this feature, social media handles can be integrated with your ecommerce development. As a result, it helps in greater brand visibility.
  • Multiple Payment Options Our ecommerce app is well equipped with multiple payment options so your customer can pay hassle-free for purchasing.
Gitysoft Technology

Admin panel

Another best thing that makes solutions crafted by us best is the admin panel.


  • Dashboard Via an interactive dashboard, you can handle all the data and can track the performance. With the help of you can have the data about product sales, customers information etc. So you can manage all the activities with ease.
  • Push Notification The push notification feature allows you to send promotional offers or any alerts to the user directly. It is such a best way to connect with the customers and have a great relationship.
  • Application Analytics One of the best features of the admin panel that it allows sellers and admins to perform great analytics for having a deep insight about the sales and also to make an appropriate strategy.
  • Geolocation The geolocation feature allows the admin to provide a local shopping experience to the clients and help draw attention to a physical store.

Latest technical standards

With the use of the latest tech and trends, eCommerce mobile app development helps businesses overcome tough market competition. Our ecommerce solutions provide a unified platform where millions of sellers and buyers can connect with each other.


  • It is the technology that offers the best security features to ecommerce apps and websites.
  • This gives customers online transaction details including time. This adds to the safety while preventing outer security threats.
  • Our Blockchain ecommerce solutions offer a simplified and improved rate of card payments


  • It is futuristic solutions to handle the customers' queries and requests to integrate into our ecommerce website development.
  • It offers improved customer engagement
  • It is very smooth to handle customer support for brands or enterprises with the help of chatbots.


  • AI offers several features for ecommerce applications that give an extra edge to the operations.
  • It works best with our all applications and provides an enriched experience to the customers regarding their choice.
  • It helps organizations to predict the customers moves regarding purchase so they can decide the marketing strategy.


  • Augmented reality is the most unique concept that changed ecommerce trend. With us, you can have a lenskart like an app where user can virtually try the products.
  • It gives the shopping experience up to the greater extent.

Why Choose an Ecommerce Development Company?

We are one of the leading ecommerce development company that offers an extensive range of ecommerce app and website products. Our app developers have the right know-how and expertise in custom marketplaces development. This combined with the latest technology and market trends, helps us deliver eCommerce solutions that meet your needs.


Personalized Services

Gitysoft Technology is a leading eCommerce solution provider, bases solutions around customer needs. This allows us to deliver multi-vendor marketplaces solutions that offer a rich user experience. We work with the motive that an application must work fine and find it quite interesting to use it. We can also customize the app as per buyer's preference and current market trends. Our product includes dashboard features for the users and admins where they can track their activities.


Contemporary UI/UX

Most popular apps have an excellent UI/UX; the same is applied to our products and solutions. In designing, we take extra measures to create aesthetic and smooth UI/UX. This design drives user experience and user engagement. We have a team of experienced UI/UX designers that have designed many successful ecommerce apps.


Interactive Services

As a leading ecommerce development company, we ensure that any mobile app or web app must be interactive. The credit goes to our team of website builders. They put the effort needed to transform your idea into an interactive eCommerce app. We always use the latest app development technology to meet the current global standards and compete with the companions strongly.


On–Time Delivery

We always deliver our eCommerce solutions within the deadline. In fact, we are known to deliver the products on time. We always deliver the eCommerce development agency solution on time. This allows clients to enjoy full benefits without even a minute of delay.


Perfect Combination of Technology

We do not believe in rigidness and stick around one technology. As per the requirement of clients, we can develop the app and can customize it. We are experienced in using technologies like Blockchain, Chatbots, AI and AR. As the best e-commerce solutions company, we also use machine learning, NLP, among other things. This improves the voice search feature integration in our eCommerce solutions.


Cost Effective Development

Each portion of the money has its own importance that so wastage of client's money we do not recommend. In addition to being cost-effective, we aim at using each penny of the client for something useful in our eCommerce app. This helps our clients in various ways, including revenue generation, higher conversion ratio, better customer experience, and others.

How Gitysoft Technology delivers Business Value?

Gitysoft Technology delivers the best possible eCommerce marketplace development. This helps you become the market leader. We use your unique idea for our e-commerce applications software development. This helps your owners and vendors gain long-term benefits and improved returns.

One Stop Vendor

Gitysoft Technology is a leading eCommerce marketplace development company. We deliver solutions with advanced technology that meets your business needs and helps you face market challenges.

Knowledge Retention

We cater educational mobile app development solutions that are best at retaining knowledge and use it for further utilisation. We try to capture the essence of knowledge and expertise with latest technology.

Gitysoft Technology

Team Scalability

Gitysoft Technology has a balanced team of b2b eCommerce developers. Our developers are highly experienced, creative, and innovative. Plus, we also make use of all the latest development frameworks, platforms, and tech trends.

Dedicated Working Environnment

A peaceful mind always crafts great solutions; our belief is that we have included in our working environment. Therefore, we provide the best and positive working environment to our experts to work peacefully and fully concentrate. It is the main reason behind each successful product we have delivered till now.

Frequently asked question

  • How much does it cost to develop an ecommerce app

    As there are so many companies that come up with the eCommerce app. Thus, it is important to start with a unique idea. The average cost of e-commerce application development ranges between $10,000 to $50,000. This price may vary depends on the different types of design or the app that is used.

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