Refund & Cancellation Policy

Gitysoft Technologies is committed to providing high-quality services to our customers. We understand that there may be situations where you need to cancel or request a refund for a service. Below are our policies regarding refunds and cancellations:

Refund Policy

Refunds may be issued under the following circumstances:

To request a refund, please contact our customer support team with your account details and reason for the refund. Refunds will be processed within 7-10 business days.

1) Refund Policy for Cancellations by Registrar

If the domain is canceled or removed by the registrar within 24 Hrs, you will receive a full refund within 5 to 10 business days.

2) Transfer Policy for Domain Cancellations

If your domain is canceled or rejected by your registrar, the full domain charge will be deducted. Any refund requests will only be accepted via a ticket.

3) Refund Policy for User-Initiated Cancellations

If you cancel the domain yourself or request our team to delete/remove/cancel it, a cancellation charge of ₹80 per domain will be deducted. The remaining amount will be refunded within 5 to 10 business days.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your service with Gitysoft Technologies at any time. To cancel your service, please contact our customer support team or log in to your account and follow the cancellation instructions.

If you cancel your Hosting service within the first 07 days of purchase and are eligible for a refund, the refund will be processed according to our refund policy.

If you cancel your service after the initial 07 days, you will not be eligible for a refund for any remaining unused portion of your service subscription.

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